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Become an owner! Form a 1-shareholder UK limited company with a business current account & a domain name in a few minutes.
Get the lowest business energy & gas prices for your business in less than 10 minutes. Save time, save money!
Fast & practical services to help run your business - insurance, banking, credit, technology

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Save time. Save money. Avoid costly mistakes.
Register a company
  • Conversational experience that guides you.
  • No long forms and paperwork.
Open a business current account
  • Get a business current account in minutes
  • Great value deal
  • No painful form filling
Get a Domain Name
  • Get your domain name when you form a company


Brokers can charge up to 20 or 30% when you switch utilities
  • Stop paying outrageous brokerage
    fees on your utilities
  • We will tell you what you pay for our
    service and it will be way less


Grow your company with MachFast
Quickly set up business services
  • Timely notifications and alerts
  • No cold calls
  • No spam
Forget complexity
  • Easy, conversational dialogues
  • Forget complex forms
  • Help & learn from the community

Become a part of challengers’ community

  • Learn from other owners
  • Starting with us
  • Ask us any business questions
  • Tell us what services you want to see
    delivered with a click of the button

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